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Whether you’re looking for Dan’s books on Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood or the Seattle Rainiers or Brandon Roy, or wondering a little more about Dan himself, or want to hire him for a writing project of any kind or engage in discussion about sports, the state of newspapers or the digital world — you’ve found the right place.

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  1. Welcome to DanRaley.com, newly created with the help of Andrew Dziedzic. I’m a Seattle-based writer who’s written nearly 10,000 stories for five newspapers, two dozen magazines and a dozen websites. I’ve also written four books, two that have been published with a third to be released in January. Check them out. Or if you need a book or story written, let’s talk. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Nice site, Dan. Congratulations. I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now that I read your Tideflats book and really enjoyed it. Learned a lot.

    My one suggestion for this site — at least for now — would be to combine the books page with the home page. That’s the heart of your content and I think you should offer that to visitors as quickly and easily as possible. Maybe later, if you end up blogging regularly here, it will make sense to split Books off as a separate page.

    Keep up the great work, and good luck.

  3. Nice site, Dan. Congratulations! Wish your new book would be published in time for Christmas giving! My brother would love it!

  4. I recognize that Edmonds book reading! Way to go Dan in getting the Brandon book finally out after such an ordeal, both for the book and for Roy, too. I’ll never forget seeing him as a high school sophomore at the state basketball playoffs playing above the rim when he was just 15. Now, on to even bigger and better things ahead. I think I’ll have another pitcher of beer on that note. AB

  5. One of the great thinngs about both Dan’s book on SoDo and the Rainiers is that he shows how they fit into the larger picture that is Seattle. He gives outsider like me a better understanding of the city itself.

  6. Hey Dan, Congratulations on “The Brandon Roy Story.” I am looking forward to the book release next week!

  7. The Brandon Roy book goes to press next week. It’s been a four-year ordeal, with Brandon among the NBA’s elite and the book all ready to go, and then Brandon’s knees giving out on him and this book caught in a Portland publisher bankruptcy. Brandon could retire any day now. No matter, this book is coming and will sum up an American sports hero’s comebacks and setbacks. Hope everyone likes it.

  8. Dan, I found “Pitchers of Beer” to be a fascinating work describing baseball history in Seattle (and I’m not even from Seattle). If only all books on baseball history were written like this. Now, I’m looking forward to reading “The Brandon Roy Story.” I’ve known a great many sportswriters, and you’re one of the best.

  9. When Dan was a sportswriter for the Seattle P-I, he contributed a regular “Where Are They Now” feature on former Puget Sound athletes of note. Whenever these articles were published, it made my day. I learned a lot, not the least being what had become of so-and-so. It was a historical and spiritual experience. Unfortunately, with the death of the P-I, these look-back features are nowhere to be found today. Alas. But, Dan lives on through his books and free-lance articles. I wish nothing but the best for him in this new chapter of his life.

  10. The Brandon Roy Story is in the printer’s hands in the Midwest. Should have it ready to distribute in three weeks. It’s come back from the dead, from a publisher’s bankruptcy. Wish Brandon, for his sake, could get more NBA life out of his knees.

  11. How do I pre-order the Brandon Roy book from your website (or do I have to do it from one of the other websites)? Will you be offering copies signed by you and/or BRoy?

    • Hi Dominic. … It’s’ probably easiest to order through Amazon or the publisher at Epicenterpress.com, but if you send me a check for $24, I’ll get a book to you in the mail as quickly as possible. My address: 25101 SE Mirrormont Place, Issaquah, WA 98027. … The book is just now making its way to bookstores and Costco. … Brandon won’t be back in Seattle until May or June. We’re planning to promote the book together at times, so I can keep you posted on his appearance possibilities for a signature. Thanks for your interest. Dan

  12. Do you know, by chance, when the book will be at Costco and if it will be in the Portland-area stores?

  13. Hey Dominic … The book gets a test run on March 23 in the original Costco store in Seattle, and, I’ve been told, if it does well that day, it will immediately get shipped to all other Costco stores in Portland and Seattle. With all my relatives and friends coming that day, plus general Roy fans, it will do well. I hope to do a half-dozen Portland Costco appearances, likely in April. … Dan