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BrandonROY_FrCov_loresReleased in 2013, The BRANDON ROY STORY is my third book published in the past four years, along with TIDEFLATS TO TOMORROW and PITCHERS OF BEER. Roy is the greatest homegrown basketball player to emerge from Seattle, someone who became one of the NBA’s brightest stars before his bad knees got in the way. TIideflats to Tomorrow is a funky tale about half of downtown Seattle. Pitchers of Beer is a baseball opus, a mini-Ball Four and well received nationally. Each book is available for $20 plus mailing costs by emailing me at or, or messaging me on Facebook.¬†Sorry, we had to remove the comments section here because of a relentless spammer attack.

– Dan Raley

4 thoughts on “The Raley Book Store

  1. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy in couple weeks. Links to preorder are in this post, as well as on the Books page.

  2. Hey Dan, finding out you collaborated with Brandon writing his life story made my day.. im his biggest fan from Perth Aus, are you releasing a hardcover?

    • Hey Jay!

      Great to hear from you from Down Under, a great basketball country.

      Hardback books are sort of on their way out — way too expensive to produce anymore. I’m a convert. I like the soft cover better now. …

      If you haven’t seen it yet, this publisher did a sensational job in putting this book together. I’m really happy with it. The cover is really compelling, as you can see on the web. There are 32 pages of color Roy photos inside.

      Let me know what you think about it once you’ve read it. … Dan