Welcome to danraley.com. I’m a Seattle-based journalist who has worked coast to coast, from print to digital, always tirelessly and passionately. I’ve written 10,000-plus stories for newspapers, magazines and websites, with stops at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and currently MSN.com. I’ve won 60 writing awards, nationally and regionally. I’ve written three books, TIDEFLATS TO TOMORROW, PITCHERS OF BEER and THE BRANDON ROY STORY. Tideflats is a funky tale about half of downtown Seattle. Pitchers is a quirky book about Seattle built around a baseball theme and Roy is the greatest basketball player produced on the streets of Seattle. If you see a common thread here, you should know that I lived in West Seattle when I was born, was raised in north Seattle and now reside in Seattle’s suburbs. And I’ll be the first to tell you that Seattle is the greatest city on the planet. I intend to sell my books and my services on this site. You can contact me here under the reply category, or at danraley@danraley.com or danraley580@gmail.com, or on Facebook or Twitter (danraley1).