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HOW SEATTLE BECAME A BIG-LEAGUE SPORTS TOWN: FROM GEORGE WILSON TO RUSSELL WILSON, my fourth book, is a new release by Seattle’s Fairgreens Publishing. It’s the consummate Seattle sports bible. It’s gritty. It’s all about the city’s heroes and scandal-makers. It’s 100 stories and more than 200 photos. It’s got a definitive Where Are They Now theme made popular in my time (1980-2009) as a Seattle Post-Intelligencer sports writer. In subtle fashion, it’s a personal memoir. There’s nothing like it anywhere.. Learn about the UW contract-hit proposal, the cocaine moment at the Rose Bowl and the Sonics’ Sharon Stone-like courtside tease. Want to purchase a book? Go to www.fairgreenspublishing.com and we’ll make that happen. It’s also in the UW book stores in the U District, Bellevue and Mill Creek, and at Page Two Books in Burien, with more to come. Contact me at danraley580@gmail.com, Facebook or Twitter (danraley1) if you have trouble obtaining a copy or want one signed.